Friday, September 2, 2011

Sun Under Moon

 Outfit Details: Dress- Vintage from Atomic Garage, Sweater- Target, Tights- Target, Ballet Flats- Gap, Glasses- Vintage
Check out all these fab glasses I saw in a window display while strolling downtown. 
 Some adorable goldfish at The Porch Light
The man behind some of the photos, my pal, Mike. 

So today wasn't so great. It started off well enough. I went to class at DMACC, then accompanied Mike on some errands and then we went downtown to check out the East Village. We ate lunch at Baby Boomer's Cafe, which was really tasty. 
Later in the day I was taking my sister to a hair appointment when I got into a car wreck. It wasn't too terrible but I was a tad traumatized to say the least. I get so anxious about things sometimes. Then I had to work at the restaurant, so by the time I got home, I was beat. 
Tomorrow I start working at Atomic Garage, so I'm really excited! I have so much to start blogging about. They are really one terrific store filled with fabulous clothes and lovely people. So watch out for some great new updates. I plan on helping them reach out more into the social networking aspects of the web and I want to take lots of photos of all the great merchandise. I'm just so psyched to learn all about the business that goes into buying/selling vintage and antiques. 
If you live in Des Moines and you haven't been to visit, please do! You'll be glad you did. In fact all of Valley Junction is a wonderful place with lots of great shops and eateries. 

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