Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun In Colorado Part 2: Lauren & Jason's Wedding!

This weekend my friend, Lauren, got married. Isn't she the prettiest bride? Lauren and I have known each other since we were really little. We've seen each other at the lake our families go to nearly every summer for the last 15 years. It's so crazy how quickly those years went by. Now we're all grown up. Wow! I am so so happy for Lauren and Jason. I think they're fantastic for each other and they are such kind, caring people, I wish them the complete best. 
My cousin, Noah, and I. 

Outfit Details: Yellow Daisy Prom Dress- Vintage from Atomic Garage, Silver Flats- Gap, Daisy Headband- DIY by me
I was really excited to have a chance to dress up. Weddings are so great, so I wanted to wear something that was comfortable, pretty, and fun. I adore the daisy details on the dress and I was happy to add yet another vintage piece to my collection. 

 I decided to do a small beehive hairdo, it's easy, pretty, and my hair wasn't a problem for me when it came to sweating due to heat and dancing. I really love playing with vintage hairstyles and I'm trying to branch out a little more, so I've been practicing a lot.
My cousin, Danielle, was a part of the bridal party and she got the -prettiest- manicure ever. I'd love to get that done at some point.

I'd love your comments and feedback. Thank you! 


  1. Let's get really cute manicures together sometime! Also, your dress looks so cute. I wish i got to go to cute weddings and get dressed up. :(

  2. I know I've said it, but you look so awesome! I love love love your dress and daisy crown! Definitely putting this on my fifteen favorites on Friday this week! :D

  3. You look very cute, but I'd love to see you in heels in that dress. :) X