Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Etsy Shop of the Week: JL Vintage

I'm starting a new blog feature, every Wednesday I will spotlight an Etsy shop that I have discovered. This week's pick is JL Vintage! They have some really gorgeous selections and I want to share some of my favorite's with you:
These pale yellow flower earrings are so nice.

I have been daisy obsessed as of recent and this pin is so perfect.

These earrings are so gorgeous, it's a shame I can't wear earrings. 

This fur caplet is perfect for a glamorous look.

I adore vintage hats and this one has peach colored petals, so lovely. 

These earrings have me swooning, I want them just because they're so pretty.

I just love this dress. The pale lilac color, the lace, and that high neckline make for a darling dress that is guaranteed to enchant.


  1. WOW, these star earrings are WOW! :)

    Why can't you wear them? :( X

  2. Fabulous blog! Many thanks for including so many of my items! ♥