Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nyah's Birthday Party

Outfit Details: Dress- Francesca's Collection, Belt- Urban Outfitters, Tights- Target, Flats- Gap, Headband- Made by me
My aunt has some of the neatest glasses in her collection.
I am immensely jealous of this amazing tea towel that my aunt found at the antique jamboree.
My cousin Capricia and my Aunt Toni
My Aunt Lenette and my Aunt Gigi
My Aunt Carol. She is an amazing woman who has always been one of my heroes. She's incredibly smart, thrifty, and hilarious. I love her and all of my aunts tons and tons.
My Uncle Rick, my Uncle Mark, and my Grandpa.
Capricia and Simon
Happy Birthday, Nyah! I can't believe that it was ten years ago that my little cousin was born. I was 10 when she was born, now I'm 20!
This photo is incredible to me. My uncle hardly ever smiles and to capture it with my camera? I can't believe it! I think as a late birthday gift, I am going to get this printed and framed for her. 


  1. lovely images! I love your style your blog is fantastic xx

  2. Awww... So cute. The last photo is amazing and frame it now - it makes it even more special when you've shared that your uncle rarely smiles. :) X