Friday, September 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 Outfit Details: Dress- Atomic Garage vintage, Bee locket- Etsy, Sweater- Target, Tights- Target, Moccasins- Forever 21, Sunglasses- Atomic Garage vintage, Cat tote- Flea Market

 Yesterday I took my brother, sister, and my friend, Mike to a pumpkin patch so we could all pick out pumpkins. I chose a white one to carve and put some flowers from the grocery store in the top instead of replacing the stem. I love autumn and I'm happy it's that time of year. 

What are your favorite fall activities? 


  1. You are cute as a button, and I really like your pumpkin vase!

  2. I love autumn too, the smells, the colors, Halloween and a lot of good things seem to happen for me in the fall, including being born :)

    Fall, or autumn as we say, is so much less fun here! It's basically just the last part of summer and some of winter. :P

    The Lovelorn

  4. i just discovered your blog and i'm loving it! You have such a cute style! Here in Brazil we don't have a certain activity for this time of the year... But i LOVED the photos. Kiss! :)

  5. that is such a great idea! (flowers in the pumpkin) Really different and useful for making your pumpkins actually decor-worthy rather than just a fun tradition. I love your blog!

  6. obsessed with the nightmare before christmas pumpkin!

  7. These sunglasses are best ever !!!
    Fantastic outfit.
    Follow each other? I'm at the beginning. :)

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