Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue Feather Gal

Outfit Details: Dress- Fossil, Necklace- Vintage, Headband- Target, Sunglasses- Target, Shoes- Unknown

Hello everyone! It's been quite awhile since I've updated here. I've been so busy the last few months, but let's see if I can get back in the swing of carrying my camera with me on a daily basis, shall we?

I adore this dress, it's quintessential Alex. The blue feathers, the 60's shift style. It's all me. 


  1. yes! take your camera with you and update more! I've been missing you! I love your style! your pictures (and the one who's photographing you) are amazing! :D

  2. wow, you look so beautiful!!!
    that dress is adorable and definitely you!
    I'd probably add leggings myself, but I don't have bare legs very often

  3. ah this outfit is so supremely perfect! love it, alex! <3