Thursday, April 28, 2011


Outfit Details: Sweater-Target, White Tanktop-F21, Pink Tanktop-Pac Sun, Jeans-F21, Belt-F21, Shoes-Minnetonka, Headband-Pac Sun
These are all flowers that I photographed in my neighbor's backyard.
Today it's warm and a little windy. I'm so happy that it's Spring. My 20th birthday is in 27 days! Welcome to my new style blog. I hope this gives me motivation to dress up everyday and to put effort into how I look again. Last year was incredibly difficult for me and I want to make 2011 the complete opposite. Here's to hoping! 

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  1. I went and looked at all the posts. Took me a little over an hour.
    Can I just say - well, I've already said this, but you are beautiful. You seem to have so much personality and that comes across in your outfits. It's amazing. I feel really inspired.
    I wish I could pull off even half the outfits you do. You look fantastic - very put together and feminine, but also fun. I adore it.